Harvard's K-9 Center

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Interested in strengthening the bond between you and your dog by having fun and getting exercise?

Agility is a sport that provides all of this and builds confidence in your dog.  Agility is an obstacle course designed for dogs.  Whether you just want to have fun or you would like to compete in agility, our classes are designed for either goal.  

Beginner through Advanced Classes Available!

Once the weather gets a bit cooler, we will have private agility classes available on Sunday.  

Call for group class times and to schedule at 334.298.0414 or email harvardsk9@aol.com

Limited to 8 dog/handler teams

AGILITY CLASSES:  Our agility classes have begun.  Classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Classes are once a week for six weeks and the cost is $150. Your dog needs to be at least 1 year old and have basic obedience before they can begin agility.  We will be offering private agility on Sundays to include puppy agility.    If you are interested in joining please call us at (334)298-0414. We will need your name, your dog's name, which level and a contact number.


Agility Class Rules  

Agility Field Rental Rules

Agility pictures courtesy of:
T&C Pet Photography