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Harvard's K9 Center is not only a great place for your dogs to have fun, we also offer a wide range of high quality products to help your four legged companions live long and happy lives. We sell tasty treats as well as interactive toys to keep your dog entertained while in the house or crate. We have Kongs perfect for every size dog. Need training equipment? Harvard's has you covered! We have training collars in all your favorite colors as well as 6' leather leashes. Also, come check out our discount table where we have items that are 30+% off.

Kuranda Beds:

We sell the fabulous, chew proof Kuranda beds that get your dog off the floor and provide orthopedic support for their joints. This bed is bite proof, easy to clean, long lasting and comfortable for your pet. Harvard's K9 Center has been using these beds for over a decade so their durability is well known. We sell the standard 40" x 25" bed in various colors (blue, burgundy, green and smoke in the heavy duty nylon and green in the outdoor mesh). The cost is $84.95 (plus tax). We can assemble the bed for you at no extra charge. Kuranda guarantees the structural integrity of each dog bed frame as well as the fabrics for a period of one year from the original date of purchase of the bed. You may order from us or through Kuranda. For more information click on the banner below.

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